Buy or Sell a Business

July 18, 2016

Michael Praver | (310) 491-5979

If funding for a business purchase or sale is easy, the process of buying or selling a business becomes easy.

We specializing in helping people get the money they need to buy or sell a company.

  • Business buyers come to us when they know what business they want to buy and we walk them through the transaction, from initial contact to full financing and completion of escrow in about three months as a rule.
  • Business sellers come to us when they want to be able to sell their business fast. It’s always easy to find a buyer if you can make the funding easy.
  • We charge no upfront fees and we won’t waste your time. If we can’t help you fund the purchase or sale of a business for any reason, we’ll let you know exactly why.

We use SBA loans to facilitate the purchase and sale of businesses from $1-$5M.

  • Buyers don’t have to have perfect credit to purchase a business. We’ve helped people with scores as low as 650 buy a company in years past. You don’t need 30% of the purchase price in your pocket to put in as a down payment either.
  • Sellers can get top dollar for their business when they make funding easy.  They can negotiate time and a salary to help the new business owner get off to a great start.  We make buying a business easy and fast, which means we make selling a business easy and fast.

Need more information?  

Reach out to us on (310) 491-5979, download our ebook, or watch the video below. You’ll learn…

  • How to buy a business with an SBA loan and why the process is fast, easy, and cheap when you’re working with the right people.
  • Why tech startups and other new business owners who purchase an existing business then graft their new products and services and branding on to it launch faster, earn more, and become more attractive to investors swiftly.
  • What kind of businesses you can purchase, and how buying a business that owns property can give you up to 25 years to repay the business loan.
  • Why investors like SBA funded businesses

Review our What You Need to Know About Startup Finance ebook to get all the details on how to go forward with buying or selling a business through the SBA.

If you prefer you can watch the informative video below which covers specific scenarios and situations you may find relevant.